StellarAdmin is still in development. We'd love for you to try it out and get your feedback, but please be advised that you may run into bugs. Changes to public APIs may also occur.



Editors determine how a field's value is displayed in read-only views such as the list and detail view, and how the value is edited in the form views (i.e. the edit and create views).

StellarAdmin has the following field editors:

Default editors

StellarAdmin determines the default editor for a field based on the data type of the field. The table below lists the circumstances under which each editor will be configured as the default.

Editor Default for
Boolean Editor All bool fields.
Date/Time Editor All DateTime and DateTimeOffset fields.
Select Editor All enum fields.
Text Editor All fields that do not match any of the criteria above.

Specifying an editor

You can specify a specific editor by calling the HasEditor<TEditor>() method when adding a field. The HasEditor<TEditor>() method has an optional configureEditor parameter that allows you to specify properties to customize the editor, such as the display format for the DateEditor in the example below.

builder.AddResource<BlogPost>(rb =>
    rb.AddField(post => post.Title);
    rb.AddField(post => post.PublishDate, f => 
            f.HasEditor<DateEditor>((editor, _) => editor.DisplayFormat = "FFF");
    rb.AddField(post => post.AuthorId);
    rb.AddField(post => post.Content, f => f.HasEditor<MarkdownEditor>());

Editor types

Boolean Editor

The BooleanEditor allows you to edit boolean values.

Date Editor

The DateEditor allows you to edit date values.

Date/Time Editor

The DateTimeEditor allows you to edit date/time values.

Image Editor


Markdown Editor


Select Editor

The SelectEditor allows you to select an item from a list of values. When used with an enum data type, the editor automatically displays the members of the type. You can use this in combination with the DisplayAttribute the specify the display text of the select editor.

public enum InterventionLinkType
    [Display(Name = "More Information")]
    MoreInfo = 0,

    [Display(Name = "Buy Item")]
    Buy = 1

Text Area Editor


Text Editor

The TextEditor allows you to edit a value using a simple text input field.